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7:12:00 AM

Two weeks from when this was posted, my family and I decided to go spend a few days off in Morong, Bataan, just three hours away from the busy streets of Manila. And since this was decided upon the last-minute during the summer season, we ended up going there with no reservations whatsoever. Luckily, that brought us to this beautiful, serene little resort called "Westwind". If you fancy places that's underpopulated, has good service, delicious food, great views, and of course, affordable, then you should definitely check this place out the next time you visit Bataan.

Had to take advantage of the views... *wink *wink

Top: Zara (white); Forever 21(blue)

Denim Jacket: Pazzo Jeans
Shorts: Forever 21

Mom and Dad <3

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